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The use of the latest technologies helps us to connect the gastronomy, to herald the hour of "Gastronomy 4.0".
And so LiMix becomes Limifyze.

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We develop the bar of the future!

Limifyze develops a beverage vending machine that makes it possible for the first time to pour and mix drinks directly from the bottle fully automatically. With the integrated payment system, the sale of open beverages is automated for the first time in a cost-effective way. The device offers extremely easy cleaning, an innovative maintenance concept, beverage dispensing directly from the bottle, payment at the integrated contactless payment system and countless application possibilities due to its compact design - from private garden parties to hotel bars.

Contactless payment

Effortless cleaning


Simple Management

First class service

Use around the clock

Gastronomy 4.0

Gastronomy 4.0

Technical catering equipment of all kinds is purchased from dealers, who are then responsible for servicing it. If a piece of equipment breaks down, the dealer is contacted by frustrated customers. Limifyze's remote control system provides a remedy.
Problems are detected before the customer does. Defective modules can be identified automatically, a fresh module is delivered directly afterwards and the customer can replace it independently thanks to the modular design. If this is not desired, the repair can of course also be carried out by the trusted dealer.


We are dedicated to the topics of automation, Internet of Things, contactless payment. Thanks to the Internet of Things, responsible persons always know about the status of the device. New software updates can be easily deployed via the Over the Air system. Problems are identified remotely and defective modules are detected immediately. Thus, repairs are initiated before frustrated customers call in with problems. Through the touch screen on the device, interesting information about the beverages can be presented in an informative way to transfer the successful concept of online shopping into physical reality in combination with contactless payment. All these technologies are essential for autonomous beverage sales and for the implementation of an innovative service model.


Linus Albrecht

Hardware Engineering & Administration


Michael Bertel

Software Engineering & Marketing B2C


Günther Pörnbacher

Sales & Marketing B2B


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