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Limifyze Selfservice-Bar

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We develop new products for hotels and restaurants. Maximum guest satisfaction with efficient staff deployment is our goal. We work on this every day together with our customers.

As a developer and manufacturer of automation and IoT products, our goal is to develop and produce innovative products through modern technologies.

Limifyze Selfservice-Bar

In 30 seconds to your favorite drink

The self-service bar serves your guests fresh drinks around the clock. Your guests operate the self-service bar independently with only one filling, up to 150 drinks can be served and sold.

Drinks are paid for via NFC using a credit card, ATM card or smartphone. The wide range of beverages and the mobility through castors allow the use from breakfast in the morning to bar operation at night.

SSB Top View
Your guests serve themselves at the self-service bar. The drinks are automatically dispensed and sold.
Useful from morning to evening.
Move the self-service bar effortlessly between breakfast, hotel, lounge and bar area.
Open dispensing.
The drinks are visibly dispensed from the original bottle. Perfect for high-quality wines and spirits.
Happy SSB


Reduce waiting times
generate additional sales

The smart table lamp for the gastronomy.

The SERVICETUBE® turns red when touched and notifies service personnel of new service requests in real time via app or smartwatch. Stay personal, become more efficient with Ledovation.


Product Development with Limifyze

In recent years we have gained a lot of experience in product development. Our expertise ranges from conceptualization to development to series maturity. We will be happy to accompany you on your way to the finished product.

Together we analyze the initial situation and work out different solutions.

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