Smart products.
Developed and
manufactured in Austria

Linus Albrecht, Michael Bertel

3. Clarke's Law

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

We develop our products under this motto.

Together from the idea to the market-ready product.

Step by step, how product development works with us:
We generally rely on agile project management. Accordingly, we design the individual steps of product development flexibly and individually.


Analysis / idea finding → 1. Concept

Together with you, we analyze your idea and develop an initial concept. We define the requirements and set the goals.


Development + construction

The jointly developed solution is converted into code and constructions and then ...



... to result in a first prototype. This is then tested and optimized.


Pilot phase

The prototype has proven itself!
Now the knowledge gained is incorporated and the first pilot series is produced.


Series maturity

The pilot phase has also proven itself!
The new findings are incorporated and the first series can be produced.
The end boss, "the market", is waiting.

Everything from one source.

Hard- & Software.
Made in Vorarlberg.

The combination of hardware and software enables us to accompany you from the idea finding to the product-market-fit and beyond.

Application development
3D printing
IoT platform

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